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Bath Bombs by JoyFlow

Premium organic bath bombs with Hops and Shea Butter
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A Bath Bomb is a new and promising form of cosmetics, because aside from its specifically cosmetic effects it has an entertaining side to it and enhances the relaxing and spiritual effects of having a bath. Sets of different Bath Bombs look like boxes of chocolate and therefore make the perfect gift, which will surprise, makes one glad and has a profound effect at the same time.


The cosmetic effect of our Bath Bombs lies in the combined effect of two traditional natural treasures: the Shea butter (Butyrospermum parkii) and hops (Humulus Lupulos). Both these ingredients are traditionally used in cosmetics and the favourable impact on the skin has proven during centuries of use. In the new symbiotic combination they insure deep hygienic care and a protection of skin while cleaning it.


Modern times are offering or even imposing upon us a wide spectrum of entertainment. We would like to offer you the one, which will not exhaust, but on the contrary inspires and strengthens. In creating selection of perfumes we therefore concentrated on making your experience better, strengthening mental agility, invigorating intellectual capacities, reducing stress and promoting a spiritual liberation. Only as a cheerful and focused person you will unleash your beauty to others.


The main reason for washing/cleaning/hygiene is the removal of impurities in order to preserve and strenghten one’s health. Impurities can be categorized as poisons and microorganisms. Yet even certain immaterial states can be perceived as a kind of impurity: chronic stress, imbalanced body use or chronic avoidance of healthy sleep, to name a few of them. Such unhealthy influences do not act only in extraordinary life situations. More often it is an enduring result of not listening carefully to your bodily needs because of ignorance or mental imbalance.
Yes, we have to learn how to rest. An excellent and recurring chance is in bath. Here we have a moment of not being disturbed, so we can pay uncompromised attention to our body and its workings.
Let’s start developing such physical well-being meditation right now! To this end we offer a carefully created selection of scents, each of which can be used as a guide in this self-discovery.
With a clean mind you will find yourself much closer to the ideal of beauty, than you ever have dared to long.


There comes to mind an original thought: “The best gift need not be the most expensive one.” This romantic saying also contains some not truth, because what is a better gift than a billion dollars? (Two billions? Easy question…) Nevertheless, almost every recipient of a gift takes pleasure in receiving the one, that was chosen creatively and with the intent to truly be of help to him.


With our product we hope to address real needs, informed thinking and pragmatically oriented feelings of experienced customers. That is why our Bath Bombs contain only substances, which really are wholesome, i.e. no decorations, illusions and unaccomplished promises. Almost none of the coloring substances used in cosmetics can be referred to as healthy for the body. Consequently, our Bath Bombs are completely additive free.


Our Bath Boms belong to the bigger ones. Yet it seems, that the market is lately moving towards bigger items in this segment. We are not taking part in a competition for the biggest Bath Bomb for two reasons. The first reason is functionality: the very volume of the Bath Bomb is determined by the cheapest and at the same time functionally neutral ingredients, so that a small or lighter Bath Bomb may actually be much more wholesome than a big one. The second reason is esthetic: our collection of Bath Bombs is predetermined to be used as a gift, which will enchant the person with its design, value and straightforwardness. It is easy to pass it from hand to hand with a smile.



The unique combination of Hops and Shea butter widens the usual understanding of Bath Bombs and even of the bath itself. Are you looking for a completely original gift? There it is!


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Made in China
Weight: 6 x 3,5 oz